Soloflesh™ Male Sex Toy Demo

A brief visual guide to using the Soloflesh™ Personal Satisfaction Device, the revolutionary warm water filled male sex toy from
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19 Responses to “Soloflesh™ Male Sex Toy Demo”

  1. HandelMcmandle says:

    M’aiq, you’ve got some splainin’ to do.

  2. xXxChrisxDudexXx says:

    dear santa

  3. Hochederkenfergen says:

    You have a very lucky boyfriend.

  4. george speck says:

    nice i would like to own one

  5. emmanuel saldana says:

    i want one too

  6. tradingphotos says:


  7. alex pasley says:

    i want one

  8. jessydsd says:

    my boy friend ask me to have one hahaha i think i will buy it :P

  9. shamol727 says:

    i wish a have one

  10. JoeAndTeddy says:

    Dear santa

  11. NolaChick82 says:


  12. Shweetooth says:

    I tell you this much, its a WHOLE lot sexier then a Fleshlite! i want one but its sold out! MAKE MORE DAMMIT! lol

  13. stoffinator2010 says:

    lol me too.

  14. King0ne says:

    Thank you Neogaf. Imma order one today.

  15. Shystichu says:

    LOL, that’ chaffs!

  16. welcometheplagueyear says:

    this is the greatest thing ive ever seen. now i can stop fucking the crease in between my couch cushion

  17. OfficialDBS says:

    Yeah “your friend”

  18. WARSORE666 says:

    Haahahahahaa!!!! LOL

  19. jesperkped says:

    Dont tell my girlfriend but im in love! lol

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